What to do with Leftover Egg Whites

Sweet, delectable meringue

Sweet, delectable meringue



Ok so you’ve made ice cream and now you have all those leftover yolks.  What to do, what to do.  Well here are some ideas to use that abundance of egg whites.  I have two lovely hens who produce eggs daily for me but despite the fact that they’re ‘free’, I hate to think of wasting the fine efforts my chooks put into their egg production!

Quick tips – EGG WHITES

  • Use egg whites in meringues, pavlovas and Angel Food Cakes, Almond Bread, soufflés, marshmallows, Macaroons, Bombe Alaska, .
  • Make an egg white omelette and add leftover vegetables, ham, bacon or other tasty ingredients.
  • Lightly beat then store, covered, in the fridge for up to 4 days.  Use to seal pastry or to brush over pastry for a shiny finish.  Sprinkle with caster sugar for sweet recipes.
  • Whisk egg whites until loose then whisk through boiling chicken soup and add a little grated parmesan cheese.  Chopped parsley goes beautifully too.

Stay tuned for what to do with leftover yolks!


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