What’s this bloggy thing all about then?

Right!  Let’s get started and push this little bloggy thingy over the cliff.  I hope to bring you lots of information about cooking, food, trends, recipes, hints, tips, inspiration, information and education.  I would love it if some of my enthusiasm reached through the ether and into your head so that you too can appreciate food as more than simple nourishment.

Food is beyond fuel.  It’s a social thing, a comforting thing, something that makes you feel good even when you’ve had a crappy day.  For me, even hearing the click-click of the piezo ignition on my gas stove means there will be something tasty along soon, even if I do have to prepare it myself.

Join with me in celebrating food as an event, from a simple ham sandwich to an all-out, 5-course extravaganza.


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