All about como advanced non-stick cookware – ideal for induction cooktops too!

You want non-stick? We've got non-stick!
You want non-stick? We’ve got non-stick!

como advanced
como advancedTM is exceptional cookware for serious cooking! It features a modern matte finish, hard-wearing anodised exterior and non-stick interior for perfect stovetop and oven cooking.

The range brings the best qualities of commercial cookware to domestic kitchens. Designed to withstand a lifetime of use, it offers:

– fast, even heating
– the latest non-stick technology
– low-fat cooking and easy cleaning
– versatility: can be used on the stove (including induction cooktops) and in the oven
– professional, riveted handles
– limited dishwasher use

The Jewel in the Chef's Toolbox Crown! como advanced 28cm Saute Pan
Use for sautéing, baking, casseroling and frying. A twist of the lid opens the steam vent.  Dimensions:
D – 280mm / H – 76mm / L – 450mm

Retail: $ 220.00


como advanced 22cm Frypan
Perfect for sautéing small quantities, or making a frittata or omelette for 2. Dimensions:
D – 220mm / H – 50mm / L – 410mm

Retail: $ 99.00


como advanced 3.5L Brazier
Good size pan for small pot roasts or casseroles for 4 adults. Stainless steel steamer sold separately. Dimensions:
D – 210mm / H – 125mm / L – 320mm

Retail: $ 179.00
You want non-stick? We've got non-stick! como advanced 6L Dutch Oven
Family-size stock pot or soup pan. Feeds a large family or lots of friends. Dimensions:
D – 260mm / H – 135mm / L – 375mm

Retail: $ 249.00
como advanced 9L Stockpot
The perfect pot for making soups and casseroles for hungry families and friends. Lid sold separately. Dimensions:
D – 290mm / H – 160mm / L – 410mm

Retail: $ 219.00
como advanced 2L Saucepan
Small saucepan with steam vents for cooking vegetables for 3-4 people or baking a small stovetop cake. Dimensions:
D – 190mm / H – 95mm / L – 360mm

Retail: $ 140.00
como adv 20cm Sq Griddle Pan
The perfect small pan for grilling just about anything! Can also serve as a small roasting dish. (This pan is not suitable for induction cooktops due to design of its base.)  

Retail: $ 125.00
Chefs Grill
The Chefs Grill is perfect for healthy grilling all year round! (This pan is not suitable for induction cooktops due to design of its base.) Dimensions:
45cm x 28cm x 6mm

Retail: $ 219.00
como advanced 30cm Frypan
Make a paella for 8 adults or poach 8 eggs at once. Glass lid may be purchased separately. Dimensions:
D- 300mm / H – 55mm / L – 560mm

Retail: $ 149.00
9L Stockpot Lid
Fits the 9L Stockpot.

Retail: $ 84.00
como advanced 30cm glass lid
For the 30cm Frypan. Dimensions:
To fit como advanced 30cm Frypan

Retail: $ 49.00
como advanced Steamer
Fits the 3.5L Brazier. Dimensions:
Diameter – 250mm / Height – 90mm

Retail: $ 54.00
como adv. 30cm Frypan&Lid
A large frypan for many different uses, along with a glass lid to match.   

Retail: $ 180.00
Silicone Pot Holders
Never burn your hands again. These pot holders are designed to slide over the handles of most of your como pans.  

Retail: $ 15.00

4 Responses to “All about como advanced non-stick cookware – ideal for induction cooktops too!”

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  2. Jo-Anne Hansen Says:

    Can you tell me where in Perth, WA, I can buy the Como range of cookware?

  3. Hi Jo

    Wherever you may live in Australia, you can purchase this beautiful range directly through me AND still be eligible for some wonderful freebies and special offers. All orders are delivered straight to your door for just $8 p&h, no matter how much you order.

    Simply get in touch with me via the Contact Me page and I will be glad to help :).


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