Nothing sticks to the Saute Pan!!

For any non-believers who think jam is a mess no matter what you cook it in, I have the gospel for you!  And the word is … (ok two words) … SAUTE PAN!!

Take a look at these photos and tell me it’s not a brilliant non-stick pan.

I cooked down almost 2kgs (minus the ones I couldn’t resist eating) of luscious strawberries and at the end, added about a cup of sugar.  I prefer my jam on the not-so-sickly-sweet side.  I’d always steered clear of making jam because of the fact that it seemed time-consuming, messy and complicated.  But hey,  no one says you have to sterilise jars and make bucketloads of the stuff!!  Just grab 3 or 4 punnets from your fruit shop, hull them, wash them, cut them in half and throw them in your Chef’s Toolbox Saute Pan.

Cook the strawberries down and stir as often as is necessary.  Since the Saute Pan is so beautifully non-stick, you don’t have to be a slave to your stove!  Gotta love that!  Add the sugar at the end when the consistency is like, well, JAM!

Guaranteed non-stick jam making!

Guaranteed non-stick jam making!

Spoon into very clean jars while hot and put the lids on.  If you don’t make more than you can eat in say, a month or two, then you really won’t need to go to the trouble of sterilising jars, etc.

When I make other types of jam, I’ll be sure to fill you in on the details!

Please forgive my (lack of) food styling in the photos.  Just wanted to give you an idea of how non-stick the Saute Pan is.


The Jewel in the Chef's Toolbox Crown!

The Jewel in the Chef's Toolbox Crown!

como advanced 28cm Saute Pan
Use for sautéing, baking, casseroling and frying. A twist of the lid opens the steam vent.


D – 280mm / H – 76mm / L – 450mm

Retail: $ 220.00

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