Cookware survey results – Live It Up subscribers

Knife Sharpener $45

Knife Sharpener $45

Live It Up Lifestyle Products subscribers were offered the chance to take part in a cookware survey recently, with the incentive of receiving a $45 Chef’s Toolbox Knife Sharpener.  The winner was D Albert, congratulations!

The survey was aimed at finding out who cooks what, what influences their cooking habits, what kind of cookware people have in their kitchens and whether or not they’d like to replace it – sooner or later.

Cookware ownership

39% said their kitchen equipment could definitely use updating and 36% lamented that they wished they could afford to replace their old things.  You all have an amazing range of brands from Renaware, Bessemer and Kitchenaid to Baker’s Secret, Tupperware, Wiltshire, Global and Breville.  Click here to view the como advanced range of cookware from The Chef’s Toolbox.

Cooking habits

An astounding … and very pleasing … 78% of you said you cook dinner most nights of the week.  You’re all putting me to shame!  Finding the inspiration to cook is a big factor for many people and all too often, we revert to the same old tried and true recipes.  But the most important influence on how often you cook, based on the survey results is the need to ensure the family enjoy a healthy and balanced diet.  That’s great news!

54% said healthy, balanced meals were their favourite type of cooking, and 25% confessed to a love of baking.

Cooking is back, baby!

State-of-the-art kitchen!

There are some excellent home chefs out there with 18% saying they have ‘top notch, practically professional’ skills!  12% believe they are known as ‘the good cook’ of the family, 20% are confident but a little jaded with their repertoire and 49% said they ‘do ok’ but wish they were better cooks.

Influence on desire to cook

There was a big range of answers here!  Some said their desire to cook was influenced by talking to friends about their favourite meals; others mentioned overseas travel, TV cooking shows and even the weather!  The most popular places to find recipes are health-related websites, newspapers, magazines and TV cooking shows.  Here are some other ideas on how to get inspired!

Party plan

I also wanted to find out who has been to a party plan party recently, what people like and don’t like about party plan and who would be interested in hosting or attending a Chef’s Toolbox cooking party.

41% said the last time they attended a party plan party – for any company – was more than a year ago.  Tragically, 23% said they hate party plan and would never consider attending!  Understandable … we’re a busy society for one thing and the other big factor is that there seems to be a perception of being under pressure to buy and pressure to support the host.

49% said they love seeing what’s new and getting together with friends to do some home shopping.  18% said they enjoy going along but choose not to host their own parties.  10% were happy to confess that they’d go along to the opening of an envelope!!  17% prefer not to be invited at all.  Fair enough.

It’s unfortunate that pressure to buy and pressure to attend are the big negatives about party plan when really, it’s just a chance to get together, look at some gorgeous products, have a glass of wine or a cup of tea and buy if you want to.  I understand the sentiment and strongly steer towards the no-pressure approach!

Party people

For me, it was rewarding to learn that there are quite a few of you out there who are interested in holding a party.  20% indicated that they would at least like to hear more about the concept (even though Chef’s Toolbox was not yet mentioned) and about a dozen respondents basically said “book me in!!” so I will be contacting those people individually and discussing further.

Even if you don’t live in Brisbane, you can still achieve all the host gifts by conducting an online or catalogue partyEasy peasy, minimal effort and maximum reward!

Please know that I appreciate all responses and the honesty was very gratifying.  As I said, it’s not my aim to pressure people into being at all interested in my little Chef’s Toolbox business but obviously, I need to learn what I can in order to contact those who expressed a desire to know more.

The best thing I learned?  Cooking is not an obsolete skill!!  Good on you all!!


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