How The Chef’s Toolbox was born

David Mills, Founder of The Chef's Toolbox

David Mills, Founder of The Chef's Toolbox

To learn more about the company that is The Chef’s Toolbox, you might like to read “The Chefs Toolbox Holds the Ingredients for Success”, an article posted on the Smart Company website.

Some excerpts:

“Founder David Mills saw a tasty business idea, put it on the front burner, and served up dividends.”


“With a network of just over 400 consultants across Australia, The Chefs Toolbox achieved revenue growth of just over 60% to more than $4.7 million in 2006-07 and looks set to surpass $7 million this financial year.”


“Building a consultant base was another early challenge. Early on Mills realised his target workforce would be mothers looking for a flexible way to supplement their family income, and advertising in magazines targeting young mothers brought in the first few consultants.”


“Keeping our consultants happy and committed is our biggest challenge,” Mills acknowledges. “Their enthusiasm is what drives our business, but it is so word-of-mouth driven and you can’t buy it. If you make a change that is disliked or there is an issue with a product, that gets around incredibly quickly and it is very hard to control, so it sets a very high hurdle for us to keep on top of our game and give consultants a great experience.”


“I just think it’s a really powerful way of selling,” Mills says. “What we do is very hands-on and personal, and by comparison I think it is very difficult for retail to stand out and make an impact on consumers. We aren’t just flogging a product, we try to be very engaged with our customers and provide them with entertainment value – that all comes together in the party.”


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