Interesting comments from a recent cooking party

The things you hear at a Chef’s Toolbox cooking party!



“What IS that funny black thing that looks like a flower with a red knob?”
[That ‘funny black thing’ is a potato masher and everyone who owns one absolutely swears by it!]


Overheard from long-time friend: “I never knew Gina was such a good cook!”
[Gina’s always been a fair-to-good cook but never quite got around to showing off the skills!!!]


“Even I couldn’t turn out a disaster in THOSE cake pans!”
[The Flexibake 12-cup Muffin Pan reels in another new fan!]







“No way will that pizza come out of the pan without sticking!”




[Ah ye of little faith.  Suffice it to say, the Saute Pan passed the Cynics Test with flying colours!]






  “Well I have to say, the quality’s really good but I haven’t looked at the price list yet.  I’ll bet the prices are over the top!”
[The same guest purchased $280 worth at the party and vowed to clean out her kitchen cupboards so that all her ‘daggy’ stuff wouldn’t have to share space with her new Chef’s Toolbox items!]


I’ll share more innocent eavesdroppings after the next cooking party!


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