Build a chocolate nativity scene

choc-nativity-scene1Take one Chef’s Toolbox Gingerbread House Kit ($42.00) and turn it into a stunning chocolate nativity scene for Christmas!

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Setting Time: assembly & decorating time approx 1 hour
Makes: 1 Chocolate House
Keeps: 4 weeks (if you can keep eager hands off it for that long!)

The Chef’s Tools
Silicone Measuring Set, Electronic Scales, Flexibake Gingerbread House, Silicone Spoon Spatula, como advancedTM 3.5L Dutch Oven

The Ingredients
300g milk chocolate for sides (2)
380g milk chocolate for roof panels (2)
200g milk chocolate for back (1)
150g milk chocolate for tree and people (2)
100g extra chocolate for icing, gluing the house together
Decorations: Smarties, Sprinkles, Freckles, chocolate bullets, mint leaves, wrapped chocolate lollies, sour
straps, nativity figurines (x3)

The Fun
– Melt chocolate for sides, roof panels, back, tree and people and pour into moulds. Set aside, allow setting.
– Melt the extra chocolate in the microwave for 35 seconds (1200 watts) or until just melting. Stir very well,
until smooth. Place chocolate in piping bag fitted with cm nozzle.
– Pipe chocolate along base of back wall panel and set in place on a cake board.
– Pipe chocolate onto the ends and base of the side panels and set in place.
– Pipe chocolate onto sides and base of front panel and set in place.
– Pipe chocolate onto hinge and base of door and set in place.
– Pipe chocolate along top and side edges of first roof panel and set in place.
– Repeat with second roof panel, set aside to set.
– Decorate people, tree and house as desired and set in place.

Chef’s Tips
Add chopped nuts and dried fruits to the melted chocolate before pouring into the moulds for a pebble
house look.

Recipe by Joyce Crosbie.


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