What do I like about my job? It’s NOT a job!

Love what you do!

Love what you do!

I knew the day had come to do something when my son asked “What’s for dinner?” and I replied, for the 4th time that week: “Um, cereal?”  A moment of serendipity occurred when my own Chef’s Toolbox consultant arrived to do a party for me.  She whipped up a quick stove top pizza before my guests arrived, and both my boys were infinitely satisfied and gobbled down the lot!

“Where do I sign?” I asked.

“Sign what?” she replied.

“I want to do what you do,” I insisted.  “If it’s that easy to make a dish that both my sons will enjoy, then I need to get into this wholeheartedly.”

That was the day I started on the path to being a fully-fledged Chef’s Toolbox Consultant and haven’t looked back.  Everyone who came to that first party rang me the following week and said: “I’ve been cooking every night since the party!” such was the enthusiasm and inspiration they’d gained.  Not all of us are self-confessed foodies.  One of them can barely fry an egg, but now she’s turning out sticky date puddings, risottos and frittatas with ease.

And THAT’S what I like about my job.  It’s NOT a job; it’s sharing information, meeting people, talking about food, throwing recipes together, eating and – happily – making a nice little income from it!

If you’d like to do what I do too, contact me now and ride that wave of momentum!  You don’t have to be local to me; if you live in Australia or New Zealand, I will help you get off to a running start.


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