Gingerbread House Recipe (link to PDF)

Click here for PDF of the recipe and instructions or here to view it at Lick The Bowl.

Christmas is NOT the time to lose weight!

Christmas is NOT the time to lose weight!

Why make a gingerbread house this Christmas?

It’s something to do with the kids when they’re boooored on school holidays!

  1. It’s tasty and when you make it yourself, there’s nothing ugly and ‘processed’ about it.
  2. It’s a heap of fun, and even if you do it without kids pulling at your apron strings, it’ll bring out the child in YOU.
  3. Impress the family when you turn up for Christmas carrying your adorable Gingerbread House.
  4. Bask in the attention when you bring it to work for Christmas drinks.
  5. Look like a qualified pastry chef!
  6. Add something new to your repertoire of festive goodies.
  7. For the sense of accomplishment.
  8. Because you always wanted one of your own.
  9. It’s absolutely DELICIOUS and if you can bring yourself to tear it down, you’ll enjoy it for morning and afternoon tea for several days!

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