“I haven’t cooked so much in ages!”

home-made-pizzaThe really gratifying thing about The Chef’s Toolbox products and parties is that they re-ignite that passion for cooking in people.  Seriously, even those who would previously rather eat the cardboard pizza box instead of lighting the stove have reported that they are back in the kitchen and loving it.

Think of it this way …

To buy a chain-store pizza, you need to wait about 30-60 minutes before it arrives.  You could pick it up sooner but the thought of getting in the car when you’d rather not change out of your jammies or find your shoes, is just too much.

Keep your ingredients on hand
You can literally make a Stove Top Pizza in under 30 minutes!  It’s SO easy and the results are far better, healthier and tastier than anything that can be dropped off at your door.  Just keep handy some plain flour, self raising flour, a pack of yeast sachets, some pizza cheese and anything else you’d care to throw on top of it.  While it’s cooking, you clean up the few utensils you used and put the ingredients away and by the time that’s done, your pizza is ready!

So many of my customers comment that they’d now rather whip up a Stove Top Pizza in their Chef’s Toolbox Saute Pan than bother with calling a chain pizza store.  Others have quickly built their repertoire to include risotto, pizza scrolls, chicken and leek pie, and lots of other recipes that you can find at Lick The Bowl or on the Chef’s Toolbox website.

Turn over a new leaf in the kitchen
“I haven’t cooked so much in ages!” is a familiar cry, and it’s usually followed up by “AND I’m enjoying it!” Now that’s the real telling point!  To be in the kitchen and not feeling a sense of drudgery is just gold!

Contact me for your inspiration
All you need is a burst of inspiration and that can come from buying some beautiful new cookware, attending a Chef’s Toolbox cooking party, exchanging ideas with other frazzled cooks or even just communicating with ME with some questions about easy peasy recipes you can cook for your family or yourself.

Go to the Contact Me page and drop me a line.  If I can’t come up with some clever and easy recipes for you, I’ll find someone who can!


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