Why men make GREAT Chef’s Toolbox Consultants

malePoor men.  We say we want them in the kitchen more and then we scoot them out just when they’re trying to master a quadruple decker sandwich or bake a cake from scratch!  Give the fellas a chance, ladies!  And by all means, give them the right TOOLS!

The Chef’s Toolbox is the brainchild of David Mills, yes, a man!  he knows how valuable a good set of knives is and how much we covet the easy-clean qualities of non-stick cookware.  Now since the company was established by a man, why shouldn’t men be terrific Consultants?!!

Here’s why men make such great Chef’s Toolbox Consultants:

  1. Their success sometimes begins on novelty value, but just watch them go!
  2. They looove infiltrating women’s domains, despite what they may say!
  3. They bring a fresh perspective to the kitchen.
  4. Men appreciate the senses more than we may think.  Tastes, textures and aromas are not things we women own.
  5. Men eat too!
  6. Any business with the word “toolbox” in it is sure to sound cool to a man.
  7. A man in an apron is a popular man indeed!

If you’re a man looking for something to do aside from your day job or you want to plunge head first into a Chef’s Toolbox career, contact me today.


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