Fancy a 75% off deal?

Save $224.25!!

Save $224.25!!

Choose an item for yourself at …

75% OFF!!

It’s true and you don’t get it just anywhere!  Throughout January, you can take advantage of our fantastic offer.

Hold a cooking party (includes online ordering via contact with me, wherever you live in Australia) and submit orders totalling $400 or more.  Then, you get to choose one item at 75% off!!!


  • Buy a como advanced 28cm Saute Pan for just $55 (save 165!!)
  • Buy a como advanced Square Roaster for a mere $74.75 (save a whopping $224.25!!)
  • Buy a ct-edge Cook’s Knife for the low price of $21.25 (save $63.75!!)

What’s not included?

The only things that are not included in this offer are como advanced bundles and the knife set.

Do I still get the other benefits?

Of course!!  You still get to take advantage of the half price shopping, host extra reward and all other special offers!

Contact me today to grab your big fat bargain!!


One Response to “Fancy a 75% off deal?”

  1. […] 75% off offer for January hosts has been extended right through to the end of February!  Contact me now to book […]

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