Fundraising made easy with The Chef’s Toolbox

piggy-bankCooking is fun – and fundraising is easy – with the right tools!

Attention schools, sporting groups, hospitals, special interest groups and community and charitable organisations.  Looking for a unique fundraising activity?  Something that’s:

  • More fun than a trivia night!
  • Easier to organise than a chook raffle!
  • Tastier than a chocolate drive!
  • And much more profitable!

A Chef’s Toolbox Fundraiser is easy because we do most of the work!  You simply do the inviting and provide a venue with enough chairs for all guests.

Your commitment:

  • Provide a venue with space for two demo tables and chairs for guests.
  • Sell 20 – 50 tickets at $20 each.  You keep every cent!
  • Distribute the products when they’re delivered.
  • Provide tea/coffee/wine (optional) or ask guests to ‘bring a plate’.

We will:

  • Provide tickets and fliers.
  • Provide all cooking equipment, stoves and cookware.
  • Bring all promotional literature (catalogues, order forms, recipe cards, etc) for use on the evening.
  • Provide a door prize and several prizes for games.
  • Run an interactive cooking demonstration lasting around an hour and a quarter, including a 15-minute interval.
  • Demonstrate two recipes and invite a number of guests to taste at the end.
  • Provide plates and forks.
  • Give recipe cards to all.
  • Give you $200 per new team member from your event that joins The Chef’s Toolbox.
  • Give you 10% of all retail sales.
  • Ensure delivery of all items to a single location with each order individually named and bagged.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!  Contact me for more information on holding your organisation’s Brisbane / Sunshine Coast / Gold Coast Fundraiser.


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