Cooking at home cheaper than takeaway

french-friesWhen Australia’s leading recipes website says something, you know they’ve done their homework. recently reported that some clever number-crunching revealed that it really is cheaper to cook at home than to purchase takeaway.  Read the report here.

The expression ‘cheap as chips’ seems quite outdated when you consider that the cost of fries at any of the popular fast food chain stores is beyond the budget of after-schoolers wandering in to satisfy their raging hunger.  Make them at home and you can serve up piles more than the takeaway version.

Home cooking is usually healthier than takeaway too.  You know what goes into it because you’ve bought the ingredients and you can prepare meals with less fat, sugar and salt than what you’d get at a takeaway.

But what about ease?  Many complain that home cooking is too tiring and difficult.  What you need to compare is, the time it takes to get in the car, drive to the takeaway, get out of the car, stand in line (or wait increasingly long periods in drive-thrus), get back in the car, drive back home, unpack the food and serve it up.  Surely it’s easier and more convenient to stay in the comfort of your own home and put together an easy recipe?

There’s always going to be a place for takeaway; we deserve time out and we deserve to have someone cook for us.  But in the cost debate as to home cooking versus takeaway, preparing meals at home will logically be cheaper.

At The Chef’s Toolbox, our mantra is “cooking is fun”.  Well, not only is it fun, but it’s economical, and even if you splash out and treat yourself to our generously sized Square Roaster at $299, you’ll be investing in years of enjoyable cooking, courtesy of Chef’s Toolbox recipes and your friendly Consultant!


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