How to spend your $900 stimulus package bonus

stimulus-package-moneyWell seriously, how hard can it be?  Many of us have been granted a $900 windfall courtesy of Rudd & Co and we’re being told to spend, spend, spend.  Sure it’ll help the economy, but will it help us individually?  The Government says yes … ultimately, by ploughing the money back into the economy, it will help us all.  As for what to do with it, we believe we’re faced with 3 choices:

  1. Spend it on luxuries, long-awaited necessities or day to day living.
  2. Save it for the proverbial rainy day.
  3. Make a dent in your mortgage (however grand or small the dent may be).

How about putting your $900 towards something useful, practical, used by the whole family, durable, high quality and absolutely necessary?

Yep, you knew I was going to make a Chef’s Toolbox sales pitch here but think about it.  Every home has to have cookware.  If $900 falls out of the sky, why not invest in some good cookware?  Items that last and last, pots and pans that will serve you for many years whilst turning out healthy meals for your family.  Upgrade your blunt old set of knives and add a knife sharpener to keep them in tip top shape.  Treat yourself to beautiful, practical, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean cookware that you can be proud to show off in your kitchen.  Start building your collection and add to it as you wish to.

Click here to see how you can turn $900 into over $1,400 worth of cookware!


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