You ain’t never mashed potatoes unless …

potato-masher… unless you’ve owned this potato masher from Chef’s Toolbox!  Holy mama!  Not only is it an intriguing conversation piece when your sister-in-law drops in and opens your second kitchen drawer – or sees it taking pride of place on the kitchen counter – but it’s a dual action, highly efficient piece of work that you’ll never turn your back on.

Behold the knob!  Well you can’t miss it!  It’s excellent for arthritis sufferers because it’s easier to manage without having to claw fingers around a traditional shaft.  And the flower-like shape of the actual masher really means business.  Push and twist, push and twist, push and twist, and in half the time it takes using a regular potato masher,  your potatoes are done, sister!  The ultimate comfort food made infinitely easier.

Use it also of course for bananas, baby food, pumpkins and other mashable munchables.  At just $20.00, don’t you just have to have one today?

Read an interesting product review of the Chef’s Toolbox potato masher at; click here.

Overheard at a couple of my recent cooking parties:

  • “I bought one of these at the last party I went to and now I just want to mash everything in sight!”
  • “I asked Louise if I could borrow hers a couple of weeks ago and she wouldn’t let it out of her house!”

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