About Me

My name is Gina and I live in Brisbane, Australia.  Those who know me know that I have two great loves: homewares and food.  Imagine now, earning an income from combining the two!

Why sales?

I don’t consider myself a salesperson.  I’m more of a referrals kind of gal.  When I like something, I tell other people because when you find something that works or that feels good or makes you happy, you spread the word, right?

Why The Chef’s Toolbox?

I sure did my homework!  What I found in Chef’s Toolbox, over and above all the other party plan companies that I researched, was that they had the greatest commitment to ensuring their consultants’ success.  They also have a brilliant reputation for such a young company and have even featured on BRW’s Top 30 Fastest Growing Companies list.  How’s that for clever?

Why I became an Independent Consultant of The Chef’s Toolbox

I love homewares, and in particular, kitchenware!  I find I cook better with lovely pots and pans and surrounded by all the latest and greatest gadgets.  To be able to combine the need to make a living with the joy of using top quality kitchenware is something I didn’t even realise was possible!  Not only have I uncovered a brand new enthusiasm for cooking, baking and feeding the family, but I’m spreading that enthusiasm to other people.

Stay tuned for more …


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