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All about como advanced non-stick cookware – ideal for induction cooktops too!

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You want non-stick? We've got non-stick!
You want non-stick? We’ve got non-stick!

como advanced
como advancedTM is exceptional cookware for serious cooking! It features a modern matte finish, hard-wearing anodised exterior and non-stick interior for perfect stovetop and oven cooking.

The range brings the best qualities of commercial cookware to domestic kitchens. Designed to withstand a lifetime of use, it offers:

– fast, even heating
– the latest non-stick technology
– low-fat cooking and easy cleaning
– versatility: can be used on the stove (including induction cooktops) and in the oven
– professional, riveted handles
– limited dishwasher use

The Jewel in the Chef's Toolbox Crown! como advanced 28cm Saute Pan
Use for sautéing, baking, casseroling and frying. A twist of the lid opens the steam vent.  Dimensions:
D – 280mm / H – 76mm / L – 450mm

Retail: $ 220.00


como advanced 22cm Frypan
Perfect for sautéing small quantities, or making a frittata or omelette for 2. Dimensions:
D – 220mm / H – 50mm / L – 410mm

Retail: $ 99.00


como advanced 3.5L Brazier
Good size pan for small pot roasts or casseroles for 4 adults. Stainless steel steamer sold separately. Dimensions:
D – 210mm / H – 125mm / L – 320mm

Retail: $ 179.00
You want non-stick? We've got non-stick! como advanced 6L Dutch Oven
Family-size stock pot or soup pan. Feeds a large family or lots of friends. Dimensions:
D – 260mm / H – 135mm / L – 375mm

Retail: $ 249.00
como advanced 9L Stockpot
The perfect pot for making soups and casseroles for hungry families and friends. Lid sold separately. Dimensions:
D – 290mm / H – 160mm / L – 410mm

Retail: $ 219.00
como advanced 2L Saucepan
Small saucepan with steam vents for cooking vegetables for 3-4 people or baking a small stovetop cake. Dimensions:
D – 190mm / H – 95mm / L – 360mm

Retail: $ 140.00
como adv 20cm Sq Griddle Pan
The perfect small pan for grilling just about anything! Can also serve as a small roasting dish. (This pan is not suitable for induction cooktops due to design of its base.)  

Retail: $ 125.00
Chefs Grill
The Chefs Grill is perfect for healthy grilling all year round! (This pan is not suitable for induction cooktops due to design of its base.) Dimensions:
45cm x 28cm x 6mm

Retail: $ 219.00
como advanced 30cm Frypan
Make a paella for 8 adults or poach 8 eggs at once. Glass lid may be purchased separately. Dimensions:
D- 300mm / H – 55mm / L – 560mm

Retail: $ 149.00
9L Stockpot Lid
Fits the 9L Stockpot.

Retail: $ 84.00
como advanced 30cm glass lid
For the 30cm Frypan. Dimensions:
To fit como advanced 30cm Frypan

Retail: $ 49.00
como advanced Steamer
Fits the 3.5L Brazier. Dimensions:
Diameter – 250mm / Height – 90mm

Retail: $ 54.00
como adv. 30cm Frypan&Lid
A large frypan for many different uses, along with a glass lid to match.   

Retail: $ 180.00
Silicone Pot Holders
Never burn your hands again. These pot holders are designed to slide over the handles of most of your como pans.  

Retail: $ 15.00

Why I became an Independent Consultant of The Chef’s Toolbox

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I love homewares, and in particular, kitchenware!  I find I cook better with lovely pots and pans and surrounded by all the latest and greatest gadgets.  To be able to combine the need to make a living with the joy of using top quality kitchenware is something I didn’t even realise was possible!  Not only have I uncovered a brand new enthusiasm for cooking, baking and feeding the family, but I’m spreading that enthusiasm to other people.

Stay tuned for more …