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What do I like about my job? It’s NOT a job!

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Love what you do!

Love what you do!

I knew the day had come to do something when my son asked “What’s for dinner?” and I replied, for the 4th time that week: “Um, cereal?”  A moment of serendipity occurred when my own Chef’s Toolbox consultant arrived to do a party for me.  She whipped up a quick stove top pizza before my guests arrived, and both my boys were infinitely satisfied and gobbled down the lot!

“Where do I sign?” I asked.

“Sign what?” she replied.

“I want to do what you do,” I insisted.  “If it’s that easy to make a dish that both my sons will enjoy, then I need to get into this wholeheartedly.”

That was the day I started on the path to being a fully-fledged Chef’s Toolbox Consultant and haven’t looked back.  Everyone who came to that first party rang me the following week and said: “I’ve been cooking every night since the party!” such was the enthusiasm and inspiration they’d gained.  Not all of us are self-confessed foodies.  One of them can barely fry an egg, but now she’s turning out sticky date puddings, risottos and frittatas with ease.

And THAT’S what I like about my job.  It’s NOT a job; it’s sharing information, meeting people, talking about food, throwing recipes together, eating and – happily – making a nice little income from it!

If you’d like to do what I do too, contact me now and ride that wave of momentum!  You don’t have to be local to me; if you live in Australia or New Zealand, I will help you get off to a running start.


The Chef’s Toolbox offers income, fun and socialising – Australia & NZ

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Have fun while you earn!

Have fun while you earn!

The Chef’s Toolbox offers a fantastic business opportunity for anyone looking for a fun and flexible career.  Chef’s Toolbox Consultants enjoy high average sales and earn profits of up to 35%.  On top of this, you have the opportunity to achieve a range of extra incentives, including free trips to exciting domestic and overseas destinations, free kitchenware and many other fantastic rewards.  Consultants receive free monthly cooking and business training and are fully supported every step of the way.

Enjoy fantastic work/life balance!

If you’re looking for a career that lets you work from home at hours that suit you and your family, being a Chef’s Toolbox Consultant could be for you.  Earn the income you want, whilst having a great time!

You can even aim for higher levels of achievement such as Team Leader or Manager, where the rewards are even greater!

How to find out more

Simply Contact Me by sending me an email.  It truly doesn’t matter where in Australia or New Zealand you are, I’d love to hear from you and tell you how and why I personally love what I do!

The Company

The Chef’s Toolbox is one of Australasia’s fastest-growing party plan companies.  The business is about more than just selling quality kitchenware: our goal is to make cooking FUN for our cusotmers.  We aim to show that by combining our high quality cooking tools and simple recipes, it’s easy and enjoyable to prepare fabulous, healthy meals and achieve authentic flavours without having to reach for a packet or jar.

When a lovely host books a cooking party with you, you will visit their home and show the host and her friends how to prepare two easy, delicious recipes using the Chef’s Toolbox’s stylish range of knives, cookware, silicone bakeware and utensils.  As well as getting to see the products in action and even trying them themselves, hosts will pick up some handy cooking tips and hints along the way, AND get to taste the results!

What kind of income can you earn?

Some Chef’s Toolbox Consultants earn a full-time living from doing this while others work part-time to supplement their main source or income or to fit around home and family duties.  Chef’s Toolbox Consultants come from all walks of life: there are qualified chefs, teachers, army officers, IT professionals, farmers and full-time mums, among many others.  Some had never achieved much more in the kitchen than boiling an egg before joining the Chef’s Toolbox!!  What we all have in common is a passion for the products and for sharing our knowledge – however small or vast that may be – of how to make cooking FUN!


The Chef’s Toolbox is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association of Australia & NZ and abides by its Code of Ethics.