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Hold your own cooking party for free at home!

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Forget spending hours preparing nibblies and drinks.  Don’t stress over anything!  The whole idea behind a Chef’s Toolbox cooking party is to ENJOY yourself while viewing gorgeous kitchenware, whipping up a couple of recipes and getting together with friends.


This is how easy it is, in a nutshell:

  • Phone 6 or more friends, or post or email their invitations.  I’ll even give you the invitations whether cards or an email you can forward.  Invite 10-15 so that 6-10 will come along.
  • I’ll give you all the information you need, and basically all you have to do is buy a small list of inexpensive ingredients and have them in your fridge when I arrive.  Don’t chop them or prepare them in any way as that’s part of the fun we’ll be having.
  • I’ll remind you a couple of days before the party, ask how you’re going and offer you any help you might need.
  • On the day of the cooking party, I’ll arrive about half an hour early and set up a simple display of the latest Chef’s Toolbox cookware and we’ll have a little chat about who’s coming and what you hope to achieve in terms of host gifts.
  • All your guests will arrive and you might like to give them a cold drink of a cup of coffee or tea, but don’t fill them up.  They’ll need their appetite intact for the cooking demo!
  • I’ll introduce myself, then I’ll show off the lovely Chef’s Toolbox range for a couple of minutes and then we’ll all move to the kitchen and get cooking!  Everyone’s invited to muck in and stir, cut, chop, pour or whatever it takes to prepare the easy recipes you will have chosen in advance.  Whilst the recipes are on the stove or in the oven, we’ll all get back to looking through the catalogue, everyone can have a play with the products, ask questions and hopefully, place their orders!
  • Once the dishes are ready, everyone can be served and enjoy their treats with tea, coffee or a drink.  A glass of wine usually goes down a treat!

Your ‘loot’

Chef’s Toolbox are very generous with their host gifts!  Here’s what you can look forward to, just for hosting a Chef’s Toolbox cooking party:

Half-Price Shopping
Depending on your total party sales, you can choose to shop at half price, from anything in the range.

Host Thank You Gift
You’ll receive a practical Chef’s Toolbox gift for your kitchen, regardless of sales levels.

FREE Flexibake OR “Cooking is Fun” Cookbook
Receive your choice of FREE Flexibake, OR our “Cooking is Fun” Cookbook, when you have two or more bookings from your party (valued at up to $42).*
* Speak to your Consultant about the terms and conditions.

Host Extra Reward
Earn more FREE cookware, knives or other products when you meet specified sales and bookings targets.

It’s really easy … the last thing I want is to turn your house upside down or put you to any great expense.  Contact me today to book your Brisbane cooking party!


“I haven’t cooked so much in ages!”

Posted in Hall of Fame (Testimonials) with tags , on October 20, 2008 by lickthebowlcomau

Gina, thanks for the invite to the Mystery Host Party you held.  Lucky me to win the $200 worth of free product!!!!!  Ever since I saw you demo that stove top pizza, I’ve tried making it myself but I’m really going to need to get that saute pan because nothing that I have is doing the job.  Everything sticks and the frustration is getting the better of me.  I can’t wait to get my order because I haven’t cooked so much in ages!!  Love, Linda.