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Start a business for just $99!

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join-chefs-toolbox-for-99Whoever heard of such nonsense?  Well, it’s true!  You can become a Chef’s Toolbox Consultant for just $99 during February 09!

Your $99 payment gets you a brilliant starter kit containing:

  • A fabulous como advanced Saute Pan valued at $220
  • A silicone spoon/spatula valued at $27.50
  • A Flexibake 12-cup muffin pan valued at $39
  • A ct-edge Fusion knife valued at $85

With a total value of $371.50, you’d be mad not to at least find out more about this exciting opportunity!  Contact me now for more details and don’t forget to include your email address and phone number.

What else do you get?

  • Ongoing support without pressure to do more than you want to or can manage with your other commitments.
  • The opportunity to meet up with other Consultants on a monthly basis for cooking demos, tastings and fun training.
  • The enjoyment of being around likeminded people who love food.
  • Income that is only limited by the level of commitment you are able to apply.
  • Prizes, free products, recognition and other incentives.

You have nothing to lose by contacting me and finding out more.  No pressure, no obligation … I promise!


Why men make GREAT Chef’s Toolbox Consultants

Posted in The Chef's Toolbox with tags , , on November 23, 2008 by lickthebowlcomau

malePoor men.  We say we want them in the kitchen more and then we scoot them out just when they’re trying to master a quadruple decker sandwich or bake a cake from scratch!  Give the fellas a chance, ladies!  And by all means, give them the right TOOLS!

The Chef’s Toolbox is the brainchild of David Mills, yes, a man!  he knows how valuable a good set of knives is and how much we covet the easy-clean qualities of non-stick cookware.  Now since the company was established by a man, why shouldn’t men be terrific Consultants?!!

Here’s why men make such great Chef’s Toolbox Consultants:

  1. Their success sometimes begins on novelty value, but just watch them go!
  2. They looove infiltrating women’s domains, despite what they may say!
  3. They bring a fresh perspective to the kitchen.
  4. Men appreciate the senses more than we may think.  Tastes, textures and aromas are not things we women own.
  5. Men eat too!
  6. Any business with the word “toolbox” in it is sure to sound cool to a man.
  7. A man in an apron is a popular man indeed!

If you’re a man looking for something to do aside from your day job or you want to plunge head first into a Chef’s Toolbox career, contact me today.

The best reasons to join The Chef’s Toolbox – mine, anyway!

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smileyIt’s so easy to lose sight of how fun cooking can be when you have to do it day in and day out for yourself and your family.  Many of us are taken for granted and expected to dish up gourmet wonders on a daily basis but the reality is, there are so many variables to what makes a meal popular with the entire household that it can be exhausting merely deciding what to cook!

From the minute you take delivery of your Chef’s Toolbox consultant kit, trust me, you become on a mission!  You just want to tell everyone that cooking doesn’t HAVE to be the chore it seems to be!  It CAN be enjoyable and it can even become a hobby; one that puts food in your loved ones’ bellies with minimal to no complaint.

I joined The Chef’s Toolbox for many reasons.  These are the immediate reasons, keep reading for longer term goals.

  1. I’m a single mum and need a full time income.
  2. I have a secret fetish for gorgeous kitchenware and homewares (not so secret now!).
  3. I can’t STAND useless knives!
  4. Cooking with nice things makes cooking easier and more pleasant.
  5. I love food and want to talk to others about it.
  6. My sons are fussy eaters and I already have a huge new repertoire of recipes they actually enjoy!
  7. The consultant kit contains enough to set up a kitchen from the word ‘go’.
  8. I can buy top notch cookware at hugely reduced rates.
  9. I get all the validation and praise that I want just by making it happen.
  10. I was working from home anyway but I never got to meet people.  Now I’ve made new friends and business acquaintances and my energy levels are soaring.

goalsLonger term goals:

  1. The Chef’s Toolbox sends achievers away to fantastic locations annually.  I intend to be there!
  2. I plan on becoming a Team Leader so that I can share what I’ve learned, help others to earn a living and achieve the recognition that comes with enjoying one’s work.
  3. I have never been a goal-setter nor a goal-achiever.  Who knew I’d be relishing the task now?  The momentum is building day by day.
  4. Develop an online arm to my Chef’s Toolbox business that brings in orders and introduces me to people right across the country.
  5. Make The Chef’s Toolbox visible throughout country areas of Queensland.

Phew!  It’s alot to ponder but you really only need to live one day at a time, don’t you?

The Chef’s Toolbox offers income, fun and socialising – Australia & NZ

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Have fun while you earn!

Have fun while you earn!

The Chef’s Toolbox offers a fantastic business opportunity for anyone looking for a fun and flexible career.  Chef’s Toolbox Consultants enjoy high average sales and earn profits of up to 35%.  On top of this, you have the opportunity to achieve a range of extra incentives, including free trips to exciting domestic and overseas destinations, free kitchenware and many other fantastic rewards.  Consultants receive free monthly cooking and business training and are fully supported every step of the way.

Enjoy fantastic work/life balance!

If you’re looking for a career that lets you work from home at hours that suit you and your family, being a Chef’s Toolbox Consultant could be for you.  Earn the income you want, whilst having a great time!

You can even aim for higher levels of achievement such as Team Leader or Manager, where the rewards are even greater!

How to find out more

Simply Contact Me by sending me an email.  It truly doesn’t matter where in Australia or New Zealand you are, I’d love to hear from you and tell you how and why I personally love what I do!

The Company

The Chef’s Toolbox is one of Australasia’s fastest-growing party plan companies.  The business is about more than just selling quality kitchenware: our goal is to make cooking FUN for our cusotmers.  We aim to show that by combining our high quality cooking tools and simple recipes, it’s easy and enjoyable to prepare fabulous, healthy meals and achieve authentic flavours without having to reach for a packet or jar.

When a lovely host books a cooking party with you, you will visit their home and show the host and her friends how to prepare two easy, delicious recipes using the Chef’s Toolbox’s stylish range of knives, cookware, silicone bakeware and utensils.  As well as getting to see the products in action and even trying them themselves, hosts will pick up some handy cooking tips and hints along the way, AND get to taste the results!

What kind of income can you earn?

Some Chef’s Toolbox Consultants earn a full-time living from doing this while others work part-time to supplement their main source or income or to fit around home and family duties.  Chef’s Toolbox Consultants come from all walks of life: there are qualified chefs, teachers, army officers, IT professionals, farmers and full-time mums, among many others.  Some had never achieved much more in the kitchen than boiling an egg before joining the Chef’s Toolbox!!  What we all have in common is a passion for the products and for sharing our knowledge – however small or vast that may be – of how to make cooking FUN!


The Chef’s Toolbox is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association of Australia & NZ and abides by its Code of Ethics.