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Stake Your Reputation on the Perfect Steak

Posted in Hints and Tips with tags , , , , on October 20, 2008 by lickthebowlcomau
Vegetarians ... look away now!!

Vegetarians ... look away now!!

Ever noticed how succulent, tender and tasty steak is in restaurants, and you can never achieve these results at home?  It’s a common complaint and probably a big reason why mince is so popular!  Isn’t it funny how we go to so much trouble to grind steak into mince, only to then stick it all back together in a rissole?  I’d be willing to bet that it has something to do with our steak cooking prowess!

Here are some hints that will help you turn out juicy, steaks fit for your favourite carnivore!

Heat source
Chances are you don’t have access to a gorgeous charcoal grill.  Unless you want to barbecue every time – and without gas – you can achieve some very satisfactory results on a griddle pan that you can use on your gas or electric stove.  The Chef’s Toolbox como advanced 20cm Square Griddle Pan, or Chef’s Grill are perfect for just this purpose.  The Griddle Pan can even be used on induction stoves!

Be sure to have your pan or grill VERY hot!  If the meat doesn’t sizzle when you place it on the surface, the temperature is not hot enough.

Massage the meat
Always apply the oil to the meat, not to the pan.  That way, you’ll avoid the excessive smoke that the pan will give off, and besides, there is great satisfaction in the tactile enjoyment of massaging the olive oil into the meat and rubbing it with seasonings.

When to turn
Don’t be in a rush; it’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make when cooking steak.  Allow the steak to cook for a couple of minutes on the first side before being tempted to turn it.  And when you do turn it, do it assertively so that it all goes over in one swift action.  Make sure you have another hot spot ready to flip the steak onto so that you hear that familiar sizzle again.

How do you like your steak?
The trend away from ‘well done’ is well and truly in force.  Meat lovers are starting to recognise the benefits of a steak that is still tender and juicy inside, rather than seared all over and cooked to within an inch of its existence.  Try yours medium to well for a change and see how you enjoy it.

Use a meat thermometer
The Chef’s Toolbox Digital Timer/Thermometer is just the trick for cooking steaks to perfection!  Pork should only ever be served Medium (75°C) or Well Done (85°C).
Blue 45°C
Rare 50°C
Medium Rare 60°C
Medium 65°C
Well Done 70°C

Rest before eating
No, not you, the meat!  Allowing a steak to rest – off the heat source – before serving lets the juices settle and the meat to reach optimum succulence.  Five minutes is fine, then you can cut it or serve it whole.

Serve on warmed plates
You wouldn’t serve ice cream in a hot bowl so why serve your steak on a cold plate?  Warm your serving plates in a low oven and remember to use oven mitts.  You’ll notice an enormous difference if your steak is served on warmed plates.